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Michael & Parker is one of the known names in business consultancy services. With roots from Middle East (Asia) and a legacy that ages to decades, Michael & Parker, today, stands tall with presence in over dozens of countries, stretched across continents – for Mexico to China and beyond – a trusted name for business process outsourcing. From PEO (Professional Employee Outsourcing) to Learning & Development, from Payroll Outsourcing to HR-Audits and 360-degree systems; Michael & Parker has a wide array of services that helps our clients survive, sustain and grow – and we are their growth enablers.
With constant allying and our ever expansion oriented growth vision, our mission of keeping our clients closest to us keeps our business growing.
Our values come from nothing more than honesty, integrity, value relations and superior customer services.
Our leadership is youthful, responsible, visionary and committed to deliver results.
Our business has seen recessions, ups, downs, competition, dryness, catastrophic changes, and a lot more … but the real power comes from within i.e. our focus on our vision, mission, values and most of all – on our leadership.
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Michael & Parker Business Solutions

Takes privilege in sharing the most extensive line of services – a one stop shop of services and solutions

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MNP Outsourcing provides ace Staffing & Recruitment Solutions

The best services bring the greater outcomes for a business and help it progress and develop in every turn. MNP has been assisting many businesses and entrepreneurs…

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Traditional organizations exist without a formal structure; MNP assists these businesses develop their hierarchies, structures, SOPs, JDs, manuals, etc in order to fulfill..

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Organizational development in HR involves changes and improvement of processes and structures that are part of HR’s responsibility. MNP assists in identifying the concerns….

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Hiring the right person for the right job; MNP helps businesses to development best recruitment processes by assisting in the recruitment and selection processes…

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Measure of employee satisfaction, motivation and engagement; MNP helps businesses to get the fresh measure of employee satisfaction…

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Audit is about identifying gaps of performance – MNP has helped several organizations in understand gaps of management performance…

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Audit is about identifying gaps of performance – MNP has helped several organizations in understand gaps of HR performance as it ultimately translates to…

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Payroll outsourcing requires technical knowledge and experience – MNP is assisting thousands of employees in doens of organizations across various ….

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Employee Outsourcing is becoming a stigma because of outsourcing vendors who treat the outsourced employees as not-their-own…

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Training is an investment and every investment demands a decent ROI Training Need Assessment or Training Need Analysis (TNA) should be delicately conducted to…

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Training is an art – beyond classrooms and entertainment – a blend of learning with no-stress and no-boring environment. MNP specializes with industry experts and subject…

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Performance Management Systems (PMS) are built to ensure best practices of measuring performance and giving employees their worth…

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Michael & Parker – L&D Center

Michael & Parker Business Solutions believes in learning and development – learning that helps getting job done more efficiently and effectively, while development that enhances growth opportunities for individuals … helping individuals climb up the career ladder. MNP’s L&D solutions are highly customized to match exact needs of organization and individuals.

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