The determination of a management audit is not to evaluate single manager performance but to evaluate the whole management team in its efficiency to work in the welfares of stockholders, preserve good relations with workers, and support reputational values of the company. It is an audit to scrutinize, review and consider the various strategies and activities of the management on the foundation of certain aims and standards.
A good management audit is likewise important for assessment and making new strategies for decisions making and other domains. Whoever is providing Management audit programs or services must consider the following aspects:

• Interest of shareholders
• Team management
• Company’s reputation
• Allocation of resources
• Appraisals.

Being able to tackle with appraisals, resource allocation, shareholders and company’s progress, MNP’s audit service groups bid you worldwide involvement in every diligence and segment to confirm that your projects, yields, procedures and processes meeting and surpass the marketplace principles and moralities that are obligatory and vital for every business.