Next Generation Leadership

When we talk about leadership we talk about visions, challenges, strategy, goals, and management, but leadership is much more than how it seems to be. As time is changing rapidly….

The Art of Personal Branding

Knowing personal branding is critical and how it impacts individuals; branding is a process or a practice of marketing products and services in simpler terms, but with the emerging….

Time Management

Time management has been a vital phenomenon in every business and enterprise. If a person precisely knows how to manage the time, prioritize things and work accordingly then….

Business Intelligence For Marketers

Today, the essence of social media has impacted every aspect of an individual’s life in one way or other that sometimes we cannot imagine to survive without accessing it…..

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ – is one of the best sellers of all time – written by (late) Stephen Covey. One of the few books that have over 25 million copies sold in more….

Leadership Development

Leadership enhances the ability of individual to achieve better in leadership roles within the organizations. Mainly, leadership roles are buildup to execute the organizations goals and….

Emotional Intelligence

The notion of understanding and managing your own emotions is called emotional intelligence and very few people have this ability that helps to progress personally and professionally…..

Customer Service

Customer Service is not only what we offer to customers; it is a vital relationship that one builds with consumers. Customer service is an interaction between customers and the representative….

Team Building

The process of revolving a group of individuals contributing employees into a unified team is known as team building. Team building activities are encouraged to improve tasks and….