Goal Setting – Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission are foundation of an organization; MNP has assisted a number of businesses over the years to formulate their respective vision and mission statements…

Structural Recreation

Traditional organizations exist without a formal structure; MNP assists these businesses develop their hierarchies, structures, SOPs, JDs, manuals, etc….

OD Services

Organizational development in HR involves changes and improvement of processes and structures that are part of HR’s responsibility. MNP assists in identifying….

Recruitment & Selection

Hiring the right person for the right job; MNP helps businesses to develop best recruitment practices by assisting in the recruitment & selection processes….

Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure of employee satisfaction, motivation and engagement; MNP helps businesses to get the fresh unbiased and best practice engagement surveys….

Management Audit

Audit is about identifying gaps of performance – MNP has helped several organizations in understand gaps of management performance as it ultimately….

Human Resource Audit

Audit is about identifying gaps of performance – MNP has helped several organizations in understand gaps of HR performance as it ultimately translates to organizational performance…..

Outsource Payroll Services

Payroll outsourcing requires technical knowledge and experience – MNP is assisting thousands of employees in dozens of organizations across various….

Employee Outsourcing

Employee Outsourcing is becoming a stigma because of outsourcing vendors who treat the outsourced employees as ‘not-their-own’. MNP ensures that ….

TNA – Procedure, Mechanics & Execution

Training is an investment and every investment demands a decent ROI. Training Need Assessment or Training Need Analysis (TNA) – should be delicately conducted to ensure that the right needs are identified, leading …..

L&D Programs

Training is an art – beyond classrooms and entertainment – a blend of learning with no-stress and no-boring environment. MNP specializes with industry experts and subject matter experts to provide a world class learning environment for…..

Performance Management System

Performance Management Systems (PMS) are built to ensure best practices of measuring performance and giving employees their true worth. MNP has the best tools including 360-eval, 720-eval and others – that ensure each measure of….